Joël van der Weele

Joël is associate professor at the Center for Research in Experimental Economics and political Decision making (CREED) at the University of Amsterdam, and a fellow at the Tinbergen Institute. His research is on diverse issues on the intersection between economics and psychology, using the tools of experimental economics and game theory. He is the PI on the research project on “Selective Attention and Economic Decisions” financed by a VIDI grant by the Dutch science foundation. 

Read more about Joel’s work here.

Dianna Amasino

Dianna is a postdoc at CREED at the University of Amsterdam. Her research has two main areas of focus. 1) She uses eye tracking and computational modeling to understand how attention plays a role in choice processes. 2) She explores the neural and behavioral mechanisms of social influences such as conformity and reputation on choice. She completed her Ph.D. in neurobiology at Duke University working in the lab of Dr. Scott Huettel and collaborating with Dr. Rachel Kranton.  

Read more about Dianna’s work here.

Davide Pace

Davide is a PhD student at CREED at the University of Amsterdam. He works under the supervision of Joël van der Weele and Joep Sonnemans. His research focuses on Memory, Attention, and the Experimental Economics of Climate Change. Before joining CREED, Davide received an MPhil in economics from the Tinbergen Institute.

Read more about Davide’s work here.

Cristina Figueroa

Cristina is an MPhil student at  Tinbergen Institute. In general, she is interested in mathematical psychology and modelling individual decision making for the homo sapiens. Currently she is research assistant of Joël van der Weele.